Nero D'Avola-Boni Vini
Nero D'Avola-Boni Vini
Nero D'Avola-Boni Vini

Nero d'Avola Eloro D.O.C. - Boni Vini

Nero d'Avola from the recognized Sicilian producer Boni Vini. A fruity red wine made from Nero d’Avola grapes, a grape capable of producing intense, full-bodied wines. Contrada Sichilli, the area where the vines grow, is one of the most prestigious areas for the wine-growing in Sicily, located inland but near the sea exposed to the scirocco winds that give the wine robustness and intense colour.
Red Wine Siciliani

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Bonivini winery is a small family run winery located in Val di Noto in the south-eastern corner of Sicily, the region where the Greek colonization millennia ago introduced wine production on the island. This is a privileged area for Sicilian viticulture and the birth region for the Nero d’Avola nines. The soil is a calcareous slightly salty, the climate is relatively mild due to the nearby sea and the strong sirocco wind gives the wine strength and intense colour.

The Bonivini was born out of passion for viticulture, carried on with enthusiasm and determination by the Losi family. The winery has the ambition to produce high-quality wines with foces on important details from the vineyard to the wine marketing. This involves the initial control of the quantity produced, specially kept within pre-established limits, the non-intensive cultivation system, the hand harvesting of the grapes, the respect of certain quality standards in every phase of the processing.

The Nero d’Avola vines for the Boni Vini Nero d'Avola red wine grow in vineyards in Val di Noto outside Siracusa and near the sea in Southeastern Sicily at an altitude of 50 m. The grapes were harvested by hand, sorted and destalked followed by maceration and fermentation on the skins for 8 days in stainless steel tanks. The wine was matured for 4-6 months in oak barrels and a few months in steel tanks.

Longevity 3-5 years


Data sheet

Eloro D.O.C.
Wine style
Dry red wine
Nero d'Avola
4-6 months in oak barrels and a few months in steel tanks.
Pairs with
Mediterranean cuisine, red meats, cured meats, aged cheeses and tasteful sauces. Serve at 20-22 C.
13% vol.
0,75 l
Boni Vini

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