Rhum Agricole Vieux VSOP - Bologne

A fine tropical rhum from the famous Rhum Bologne Estate in Guadelupe. A rhum aged 4 to 8 years with a tropical taste, refined and complex. This VSOP rhum is a fine mature drink. Should be served on its own or with ice.
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The Bologne family arrives in Guadalupe in 1654 and decided to build a sugar refinery on the fertile land of the soufrière (on volcanic soils). In 1830 Jean-Antoine Ame-Noel passed, who was the first "free from birth man from birth" to become the owner of a rather large land plot (114 hectares) and in 1887 the sugar mill became also a distillery. In 1930 Louis Sargenton-Callard acquired the distillery. With great patience he reconstructed the original property also acquiring nearby Beauvallon estate. In addition, Louis invested in the acquisition of new land on the eastern part of the volcano, making the distillery independent of the supply of sugar cane.

The terroir and the distillery

Rhum Bologne is among the very few distilleries in the world to distil exclusively the juice of their sugar canes. The distillery owns the sugar cane plantations that are located on very fertile volcanic soils crossed by the marine breeze. Each field is planted with the optimal variety of sugar cane for the terroir. In addition, by managing the collection independently, Rhum Bologne strongly reduces the time that passes from the collection to the arrival in distillery, minimizing the risk of oxidation.


Bologne's rums are characterized by a distillation style that promotes the expression of the territory and the variety of sugar cane, finesse and elegance. Bologne is the last distillery on Guadalupe that distils using copper stills, which allows you to arrive at the maximum expression of the aromas. The distillate comes out of the single column at about 70%  alcohol and all the aged rums are refined in the tropical climate of the island.

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Appellation D'origine Guadeloupe
Hints of caramelized fruit that evolves towards citrus fruits (red orange), sugar cane, cocoa, toasted oak and ends up on the classic iodized taste of Rhum Bologne
The palate is intense and balanced with great softness
Pairs with
A fine meditation rhum, to be served on its own or with ice.
42% vol.
70 cl.

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