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Gin Sale is an artiginal gin produced by the Cantine Bianchi in Marsala in western Sicily. It is savory and balanced with an unmistakable taste. It lends itself to being enhanced by the addition of tonic and sage, rosemary or mint leaves, capable of releasing the salty notes of Gin Sale and combining them with the Mediterranean aromas of local herbs. The alcohol content is reduced and the taste enhanced by the flavor of the sea salt that has been added in the form of sea salt pearls produced in the salt pans in the sea outside Marsala. Ithas an unmistakable taste of juniper with typical cold and slightly balsamic notes with a balanced but explicit savory boost.
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The Cantine Bianchi dates back to 1950 when the company started as a trading house for Marsala wine, but soon after they developed a wine distillation factory to supply agricultural alcohol to supply Marsala wine producers with alcohol for the fortification of their wines. The distillation business gradually developed into the production of grappas and brandy based on destillation of pomace from the local wine producers. The product diversification has continued ever since and today they produce a long array of grappa, amaro and gin products at their Marsala cantine. The Amaro Segesta, based on a set of Sicilian essences is made according to an original artisanal recipe. The prize winning Extra old Brandy, bottled for the first time in 2008 comes from an ancient reserve recipe developed by the founder of the company which also goes for the Grappa del Fondatore “Leone Bianchi“. The ArteMarsala Grappa is refined in ex-Marsala wine barrels. More recent products include the Alchimia Siciliana line and the Gin Sale with Marsala sea salt.

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Distillation of agricultural alcohol after maceration of juniper berries in an alcoholic solution
Unmistakable taste of juniper with typical cold and slightly balsamic notes with a balanced explicit savory boost
Pairs with
Serve mixed in cocktails with herbs.
37,5% vol.
0,70 l
Water, alcohol, distilled gin, sea salt
Bianchi Distillati

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