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SRC Pirao - Etna Bianco from the young and ambitious Triple “A” wine producer SRC Vini, a single vineyard wine made from more than 50 years old Carricante vines growing on the slopes of Mount Etna. It is a fresh white wine with a lovely bouquet of fruits, mineral textures, herbal and balsamic notes. It reveals an agile medium intensity body, supported by a mineral texture and a very pleasant taste



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Data sheet

ProducerAzienda Agricola SRC Crasà
ClassificationEtna Bianco
Wine styleDry white wine
MaturationSome months in stainless steel tanks.
Pairs withIt is a very versatile wine that lends itself to both vegetarian and fish dishes and white meat. Serving temperature 8°-10°C.
Alcohol12% Vol.
Volume0,75 l

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Azienda Agricola SRC Vini produce Triple “A” certified wines.

A for Agricoltori (farmers)

Only those who cultivate the vineyard directly can establish a correct relationship between man and vine, and obtain healthy and ripe grapes exclusively with natural agronomic interventions.

• A for (Artisani) Artisans

"Artisan" methods and skills are needed to implement a viticultural and oenological production process that does not change the original structure of the grape, and does not alter that of the wine.

• A for Artisti (Artists)

Only the “artistic” sensitivity of a producer, respectful of his work and his ideas, can give life to a great wine where the characteristics of the territory and the vine are enhanced.

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