Passivento Bianco - Terre Siciliane I.G.T. - Barone Montalto

Passivento Bianco from the Passivento line of wines from the renowned Barone Montalto Winery in Sicily, a line of wines where the aromas of the grapes are enhanced by grape drying prior to the fermentation. This is a straw yellow wine, with a rich and fruity taste which makes it pleasantly drinkable.



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ProducerBarone Montalto
ClassificationTerre Siciliane I.G.T.
Wine styleDry white wine
GrapesCatarratto, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato.
Maturation2 months in stainless steel tanks before being bottled.
BouquetPleasant and fruity
TasteRich and fruity
Pairs withDishes based on fish or fresh cheeses. Serving temperature of 8-10 °C.
Alcohol12,5% vol.
Volume0,75 l.

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The story of Barone Montalto began in Santa Ninfa, in the province of Trapani, in 2000. Barone Montalto has grown over the years and now manages around 400 hectares of vineyards, some of which owned. The remaining parts are under the “Montalto quality protocol” which controls the quality of the grapes and guarantees a quality growth over the years.

Barone Montalto produces authentic modern style wines with a Sicilian soul. The wines are obtained by a careful selection of the grapes which aims to maintain the natural characteristics of the varietals aspects during vinification.

The vines for the Passivento Bianco white wine grow in the Barone Montalto vineyards in the hilly area in the Belice Valley near the sea in the province of Trapani in western Sicily. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, where the interaction between high daytime temperatures and cool nights gives both maturity and freshness in the grapes.

The partial drying of the fruit begins in the vineyard and is completed in the fruit chamber, where control of ventilation assists the grapes in reaching the ideal level of dehydration before pressing. The subsequent fermentation lasts 15 days and takes place at controlled temperatures ranging from 13 °C to 15 °C. The wine is aged 2 months in stainless steel tanks before being bottled.

Longevity 3-5 years.


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