Alto Adige DOC Müller Thurgau - St. Michael Eppan

St. Michael Eppan, the innovative Winery, is considered one of the best wineries in South Tyrol and Italy. This German Muller Thurgau grape variety is particularly well suited to high-altitude vineyards and therefore thrives at the high elevations in the Alto Adige region.



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ProducerSt. Michael Eppan
RegionTrentino Alto Adige
ClassificationSudtitol - Alto Adige D.O.C.
Wine styleDry White wine
GrapesMüller Thurgau
BouquetAromi di fieno e uva moscato.
TasteRaffinato e di spiccata acidità.
Pairs withCome aperitivo o per valorizzare gli antipasti. Le note fruttate lo rendono partner ideale delle zuppe come ad esempio quella di piselli con praline di ricotta, degli asparagi e di piatti di pesce leggeri come il salmerino.
Alcohol13% Vol.
Volume0,75 L.

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Grand and dignified, St. Michael-Eppan Winery has been enthroned in the center of Alto Adige’s (South Tyrol) most important wine-growing community for over a century. For more than two thousand years, wines have been grown in the area around Eppan, known for its ideal growing conditions, and it is these grapes that are being processed at St. Michael-Eppan Winery. Müller-Thurgau is appreciated for its fresh fruit, delicate notes of hay and light nutmeg, and subdued acidity.

Colour: Pale yellow with a green shimmer

Bouquet: Aroma of hay and nutmeg

Flavour: Refined and pleasant acidity

This wine is to be consumed young – within 1-2 years.


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