Müller Thurgau D.O.C. Erice - Fazio

This is a very unique and exciting wine made from Muller Thurgau grapes grown at high altitudes near the west coast of Sicily, where the extreme temperature variations give the basis for a fruity wine with good acidity.



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ProducerAzienda Vinicola Fazio
ClassificationD.O.C Erice
Wine styleDry White wine
GrapesMüller Thurgau
Pairs withIdeal served with fish dishes, in particular grilled red prawns and crustacea. Serve at ~9 C.
Alcohol12,5% vol.
Volume0,75 l

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The white wines from the Fazio Winery reflects the particular conformation of the north area of Trapani, the geological nature of the soil, the high temperature range, which gives white grapes with a good acidity characterized by aromas of white flowers and pleasant citrus notes that give the wines elegance and finesse.

Colour: Brilliant yellow-gold colour

Bouquet: Intense persistent perfume, with delicate floral notes, recalling the pleasant smell of spring’s little roses

Flavour: Intense, velvet, harmonious and elegant flavour, with bold and persistent fruity notes

Longevity 3-5 years


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