Charme Bianco I.G.T Terre Siciliane - Firriato

Charme Bianco is a white wine appreciated for its sunny freshness. The minerality that distinguishes the estate’s soil is returned in this wine.



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ClassificationTerre Siciliane I.G.T.
Wine styleSemi-sparkling white wine
GrapesBlend of native grapes
Pairs withLight pastas, fish and seafood. Serve at 6-8 C.
Alcohol12% vol.
Volume0,75 l

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The Firriato company is one of the largest wine producers in Sicily, currently owning 6 wineries located in various parts of Sicily with very different terroir, which allows the company to produce very different wines. The philosophy has since the start of the company in the 1980’ies been to produce high quality wines, mainly based on indigenous grapes. The innovative Firriato wines have significantly supported the fame and global acceptance of Sicilian wines and made Firriato one of the most famous Sicilian wine producers.

Charme Bianco is a blend of native grape varieties produced with an emphasis on lightness, freshness and drinkability. These native white grape vine varieties are harvested before they are fully ripe, giving Charme Bianco a highly satisfying vein of acidity that shines with fragrance and intensity. These elements give life to a wine with a soft structure, ideal for those who undertake to try the elegance of these native Sicilian varieties.

Characteristics: wine for fun and carefree moments; dynamic with it all of the enthusiasm and liveliness of talented young people, capable of creating surprising and delightful atmospheres of matchless elegance and beauty in the sign of its distinguished style and natural suavity.

Colour: Pale straw yellow with slight greenish nuances.

Bouquet: It opens with mild notes of wild flowers and broom and it almost immediately unfolds in fresh hints reminiscent of mango, papaya, ripe banana and yellow melons and later followed by subtle scents of rosemary and bay.

Flavour: Balanced yet complex, it fully reveals its light and lively nature with an extremely pleasing sour streak that perfectly blends with the soft structure making it a superb drinking experience.

Longevity 3-5 years


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