Chardonnay - Südtirol Alto Adige D.O.C. - St. Michael Eppan

The Chardonnay from famous Italian wine cooperative St. Michael-Eppan is a lovely white wine made from grapes from up to 30 years old vines growing at an altitude of 400-500 m in limestone vineyards in the river Adige valley near Bolzano. A wine with fruity aromas of ripe apple, melon and banana. The taste is fresh, fruity and juicy with a long finish. A beautiful and refreshing wine for aperitifs



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ProducerSt. Michael Eppan
RegionTrentino Alto Adige
ClassificationSüdtirol - Alto Adige - D.O.C.
Wine styleDry white wine
MaturationIn stainless steel tanks.
Pairs withA lovely terrace wine for warm summer evenings. It goes well with starters such as porcini carpaccio, light cuisine and "pasta fredda" - the Italian pasta salad. Serve at 8-10 C.
Alcohol13,5 % Vol.
Volume0,75 l

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Grand and dignified, St. Michael-Eppan Winery has been enthroned in the center of Alto Adige’s (South Tyrol) most important wine-growing community for over a century. For more than two thousand years, wines have been grown in the area around Eppan, known for its ideal growing conditions, and it is these grapes that are being processed at St. Michael-Eppan Winery.


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