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Caeles Grillo is a Sicilian organic wine with a complex and strong personality, a bouquet expressing fresh and exotic fragrances, such as pink grapefruit and passion fruit, which are instantly felt in the glass and with nuances of Mediterranean scrub.



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ClassificationSicilia D.O.C.
Wine styleDry white wine
Pairs withPerfect as aperitif or with seafood dishes. Serve at 10-12 C.
Alcohol12,5% vol.
Volume0,75 l

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The Firriato company is one of the largest wine producers in Sicily, currently owning 6 wineries located in various parts of Sicily with very different terroir, which allows the company to produce very different wines. The philosophy has since the start of the company in the 1980’ies been to produce high quality wines, mainly based on indigenous grapes. The innovative Firriato wines have significantly supported the fame and global acceptance of Sicilian wines and made Firriato one of the most famous Sicilian wine producers.

Caeles Grillo is made purely from Grillo grapes grown in the estate of Borgo Guarini, in the Trapani region in Sicily. Its organic and vegan certificate comes in a very special cru, characterized by a fat natural clay soil which seems like thick oil between the fingers.

Colour: Brilliant straw yellow

Bouquet: The nose first appears with delicate floral notes and then gives space to the citrus notes and the elegant scents of exotic fruit.

Taste: In the mouth it is fresh and round, with a good balance between freshness and flavor, excellent persistence.

Longevity 2-3 years.


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