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Zighidì Passito di Pantelleria Liquoroso from the famous Sicilian wine producer Florio in Marsala. It is a fortified passito wine produced on the island of Pantelleria from grapes dried for days under the scorching sun. The essences of the aromas are concentrated within this wine. It has an ample bouquet and a full, soft and intensely aromatic flavour of raisins, candied fruit and honey.



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ClassificationPassito di Pantelleria Liquoroso D.O.C.
Wine styleWhite sweet liqueur-wine
MaturationA period of 5-6 months in cement vats. At least 6 months in the bottles.
BouquetFull, rich with aroma of muscat, raisins, apricot jam with hints of vanilla.
TasteSoft, full and sweet, well-structured, intensely aromatic of apricot, persistent taste of dried figs.
Pairs withExcellent as aperitif and with patè de foie gras. Matches well with dried fruit dessert, jam and chocolate. Serving Temperature - As aperitif 10-12 C. As dessert wine and as meditation wine 14-16 C.
Alcohol15,5% vol.
Volume0,5 l

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The zibibbo grapes for the Zighidi passito liqueur grow in Florio’s vineyards on the island of Pantelleria located between Sicily and Africa. The vines grow in the very dark volcanic soil rich in macro- and micro-elements. The climate is hot, arid and very windy and due to this are the vines planted in groups to protect against the strong African winds.

 The grapes were manually harvested, when they were very mature. After harvesting, part of the grapes was left to dry in the sun for about 20 days directly on soil. The must from these grapes - very rich in sugars - was then added to the fresh must from the remaining grapes. This mixed grape juice was fermented until it reached an alcohol level of 5° - 6°. Distilled wine was added until a 15 % alcohol level was reached to stop the fermentation process and preserve most of the must’s sugars and their aromas. The liqueur was aged for a period of 5-6 months in cement vats followed by at least 6 months in bottles resulting in an intense yellow gold liqueur with amber hues.

Longevity: Many years in cellars with suitable conditions.


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