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Passito di Pantelleria from the small family-run winery of Salvatore Ferrandes on the island of Pantelleria located between Sicily and Tunisia. A mature intense golden yellow sweet wine produced from the zibibbo grapes – also known as Muscat of Alexandria. A beautiful fresh wine with an intense bouquet of raisins and dried and candied fruit. A real delicacy from Sicily.



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ClassificationPassito di Pantelleria D.O.C.
Wine styleWhite dessert wine.
Maturation2 years in steel vats followed by several months in the bottles.
BouquetVery intense and persistent, raisins, candied fruit.
TasteAromatic, sweet, fresh and well balanced.
Pairs withServe on its own or with blue cheeses, Sicilian almond cakes or other types of cakes. Serving temperature 12-16 C.
Alcohol14,5% vol.
Volume0,75 l.

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Salvatore Ferrandes family has been producing sweet wine on Pantelleria for centuries from a vineyard of only 2,7 hectares. Salvatore Ferrandes farms his land organically and produces his products with passion and determination. The favorable climate, the generous fertility of the volcanic soil and the careful craftsmanship in processing the grapes allow obtaining a particularly high quality of the Passito di Pantelleria that has established itself in the most important international markets.

The Zibibbo vines for this Passito di Pantelleria are more than 50 years old and grow in the volcanic soil on Pantelleria. The island is extremely windy and vines are grown in holes for protection. Due to the intensive sun the grapes achieve very high sugar content. The grapes were harvested manually and following a careful sorting the grapes were sun-dried for 8-15 days on wooden racks against lava stone to further concentrate sugar and aromas. Following pressing of the dried grapes the juice was fermented in small steel vats. The wine matured for 2 years in steel vats followed by several months in the bottles before release.

Longevity very long.


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