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The Passito di Planeta is an expression of Planeta's commitment to produce modern wines that reflect the unique character of Sicilian territory. An ancient wine that becomes current with modern methods for drying and processing well ripened grapes.



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ClassificationSicilia Noto D.O.C.
Wine styleSweet white dessert wine
Grapesmoscato bianco
Pairs withThis is a wine made to match with the best sweets, and having been dried could possibly favour dried fruits as well as being enriched by fruits with a prominent acidic content. Serve at 10-12 C.
Alcohol12% vol.
Volume0,50 l

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Planeta family is one of the eldest families of winegrowers in Sicily now in their seventeenth generation and operating 5 wineries spread around Sicily and producing wines from many of the DOC zones. While the current family has a focus on innovation and modernity they never distance themselves from historic and traditional interpretation of wine. Their patient and meticulous work has always been directed to the past as much as to the future; on the one hand profoundly linked to the oldest Sicilian traditions of wine making with its heritage of indigenous varieties, and on the other an interest in those international grape vines which are best adapted to these territories, without neglecting the most vigorous and imaginative investigations into other varieties. Respect for the environment and development of biodiversity are the watchwords of this company.

The Planeta Passito is produced exclusively from Moscato Bianco grapes hand-picked when the grapes are well ripened. The grapes are then dried, and when they after 6 weeks have lost about half of the weight they are pressed to obtain a rich must with a high sugar content. The must then ferments for more than a month in stainless steel tanks before being bottled. This gives a wine with explosive aromas of exotic fruit, jasmine, candied citrus fruit. The wine is complex but easy to admire. The ideal companion for the great Sicilian tradition of sweets and ice creams.

Colour: Bright yellow golden

Bouquet: The drying of the grapes guarantees a high concentration of sugars and some natural transformation of the grapes contributes to the extraordinary aromas of apricot, rose petals, papaya and quince.

Taste: Sweet and fleshy in the mouth, but also lively with citrus notes. It recalls nougat and candied ginger. A sumptuous and long-lasting finish.

Longevity 5-10 years


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