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Barolo Chinato from the well-known Barolo producer Gianni Gagliardo. A unique aromatised sweet red wine made from Barolo wine infused with aromas according to the producers secret recipie. In order to reach a harmonic taste, sugar and alcohol are added to the wine.



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ProducerGianni Gagliardo
ClassificationBarolo Chinato
Wine styleSweet flavoured and fortified redwine
MaturationAt least one year in oak casks.
BouquetAromatic and intense perfume with scents of all oriental spices of which the wine is made up.
TasteWarm, full and aromatic flavour with nasal sensations reflecting the basic aroma. The persistence of the flavour ensures a last pleasantly bitter note because of the gentian root.
Pairs withA classic after-dinner digestive that is also excellent as aperitif, particularly served with ice and seltzer water. It is a very nice match with chocolate desserts. Serve at 14-16 C.
Alcohol17,5% vol.
Volume0,75 l

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The Nebbiolovines for the Barolo Chinato red liqueur wine grow in Gianni Gagliardo vineyards located in the hilly terrain in the Barolo region in Piemonte.

The Barolo Chinato liqueur wine is a type of amaro developed at the end of the 1800s when two local spice sellers, experienced in using spices, developed the «delicious Barolo-chinato». Since then the production has been recognized and standardized in the regulations for wine from Barolo.

The production of the aromatised Barolo based wine must begin with a Barolo wine having completed its minimum period of ageing. As far as its features are concerned, it must also conform to all chemical, physical and sensory tests fixed in the Barolo production code.
The aromatisation process of Barolo is carried out through a cold infusion in a hydro-alcoholic solution of cinchona bark, gentian root, cardamom seeds and other less important spices, such as vanilla pods.

After its preparation, Barolo Chinato is matured for at least one year in oak casks before being bottled and released on the market; in order to let all the aromatic elements in the infusion blend in a perfectly harmonious sensation. The wine then continues its maturation in the bottle over time, developing a flavour of greater softness and becoming better and better.

Longevity is like a Barolo, it develops greater harmony and softness over time.


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