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Ferrari Maximum DemiSec from the world famous Ferrari winery in Trento. An exclusive sparkling wine of indisputable quality made from a selection of Chardonnay grapes from vineyards in the Val d’Adige. After a long maturation in the bottle – 3 years on the lees - this is an elegant straw yellow sweetish sparkling wine with a persistent perlage, highly fragrant and with a nicely rounded flavour.



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ProducerCantina Ferrari
RegionTrentino Alto Adige
ClassificationTrento D.O.C.
Wine styleWhite sprkling wine DemiSec - Metodo Classico
VintageSboccatura 2020
MaturationA minimum of 3 years on the lees in the bottles.
BouquetHarmonious, intense and persistent, with ripe fruit notes accompanied by hints of crusty bread, hazelnuts and a multi-faceted floral bouquet.
TasteRounded, elegant, slightly sweet and harmonious. It has great personality and intense fruity notes that are typical of Chardonnay, which combine attractive sensations of vanilla and yeast that linger long on the palate.
Pairs withLovely dessert companion. Ideal with dry biscuits, apple pie and fruit tarts. Serving temperature 8-10 C.
Alcohol12,5% vol.
Volume0,75 l.
Harvesting methodUva raccolta manualmente nella prima metà di settembre.

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The legend of Ferrari began with a man, Giulio Ferrari, and his dream of creating a wine in Trentino capable of competing with the best French Champagnes. He was a pioneer when he in 1902 was the first to realize the extraordinary vocation of his area, and it was he who first made substantial plantings of Chardonnay in Italy.

The Ferrari philosophy - a constant quest for quality and attention to detail during the entire production process from the vineyard to the table - has made Ferrari one of Italy’s leading producers of Metodo Classico sparkling wines. For this reason, every bottle provides a unique experience - a made in Italy wine – an icon of style that wins you over from the very first sip.

The production is based on a profound link with the territory and respect for the land in every single operation. All of Ferrari’s wines are Trentodoc certified and are produced exclusively from grapes grown in Trentino at high altitudes using sustainable farming methods. With its mountain viticulture, Trentino is an area that is extraordinarily suited to the production of sparkling wines of great elegance and complexity: the alternation of warm days and cool nights add quality to the grapes, giving them a wide specter of different flavours and fragrances.

The Chardonnay vines for the Ferrari Maximum DemiSec sparkling wine grow in the mountain vineyards in the Val d’Adige and nearby valleys around Trento. The grapes come from a careful selection of grapes best suited for a semi-sweet wine. The ripe grapes were picked by hand and taken to the winery, where they were gently pressed. This was followed by the first fermentation in stainless steel tanks, from which derive aromas reminiscent of those of the chardonnay. After the creation of the cuvée blend, the wine was bottled and enriched with sugars and selected yeasts followed by the second fermentation which lasted at least 3 years. After the dègorgement the wine rested for a period in the bottles prior to release. This lengthy process created a beautiful glowing straw yellow sparkling wine with a fine, persistent perlage.

Longevity 10-15 years.


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