Alma Cuvée - Franciacorta Brut D.O.C.G - Bellavista

 Alma Gran Cuvée Bellavista is a point of excellence for Franciacorta. It symbolises, in terms of quality and type, the most mysterious soul of the land of Franciacorta, and the wine-making style of Bellavista.



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ClassificationFranciacorta D.O.C.G
Wine styleWhite Sparkling wine, Metodo classico
GrapesChardonnay 80%, Pinot Nero 19%, Pinot Bianco 1%.
MaturationAt least 4 years from the harvest.
BouquetStrong minerality. Full and inviting, it embraces hints of sweet ripe fruit, meringue, pastries and candied citrus peel.
TasteFully matches the nose, with a creamy, almost crunchy sensation and a texture that combines elegance and lightness, depth and harmony.
Pairs withPerfect on its own for toasting and parties, a fine drink all day long. Ideal with fish, seafood and poultry. Serving temperature 6-8 C
Alcohol12,5 % vol.
Volume0,75 l

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Bellavista has today 190 hectares of vineyards in Franciacorta, in which are identified 147 cru vineyards and these small plots are further divided into 224 micro plots. This gives an extraordinarily wide expressive range at each harvest and rich in nuances to combine tastes in the various cuveès. For the Alma Gran Cuvée grapes from only 10 parcels in Franciacorta have over time proved to be more suited to express the desired traits of character and elegance. The average age of the vines exceed 20 years,

The grapes were harvested manually and carefully selected. The selection made in the vineyard finds its full expression in the cellar where every single parcel is fermented separately to keep the heritage of biodiversity sought in the vineyard intact and pure. This gives the winemaker a large number of wines to use for the blending of the cuvee and make the sensory profile that distinguishes the Bellavista style persist over time. Another distinctive factor that adds value and uniqueness to Alma Gran Cuvée is the fermentation and elevation of at least 35% of the wines that compose it in small white oak barrels over 35 years of age. An additional quality detail that confers the known complexity of the olfactory and gustatory variables of Alma Gran Cuvée.

Longevity 10-15 years.



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