OSA! Frappato Rosato Terre Siciliane I.G.T. - Paolo Calì

The OSA! from the new Sicilian wine producer Paolo Calì is a beautiful bright pink rosè wine made from Frappato grapes grown in the salty sands soil near the south coast of Sicily. Osa means Dare It. It is a unique wine made to surprise. A wine with a light sparkle that gives a faint crispy sensation to the palate and which gives a strange feeling of euphoria thanks to its fruity fragrances.



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ProducerPaolo Calì
ClassificationTerre Siciliane I.G.T.
Wine styleDry rosè wine
BouquetFruity with notes of cherry, pomegranate, forest berries.
TasteFragrant and persistent on the palate, with a clear expression of this grape variety. Sapid and mineral, exhibiting balance of the aromatic components.
Pairs withHors d'oeuvres and appetizers, fish dishes, dessert. Serve at 10-12 C.
Alcohol13,5% vol.
Volume0,75 l

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Paolo Calì is a professional pharmacist with a passion for winemaking, which he inherited from his father. He started his own winery and has the ambition to produce real wines, free from conceptual schemes, free not to pursue fashion and free to excite.

The Frappato vines for the OSA! rosè wine grow in Paolo Calì’s vineyards consisting of salty sandy soil near the south coast of Sicily outside the town of Vittoria. This is a location very influenced by the climate created by the closeness to the sea.

When producing his wines Paolo Calì aims to vinify the grapes enhancing the peculiarities of the soil and the climate, which guarantees important temperature variations; all of which translates into a marked sapidity and minerality, in enveloping perfumes and in a great elegance in the wines.

Here Paolo Calì has developed a unique wine from a local red grape – and as he says, this is not a straightforward wine, Dare It!

Longevity 3-5 years



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