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Di Majo Norante has been making wine from grapes ever since 1800, as is evidenced by the old cellars in the old family building at Campomarino. They produce their own wines from grapes grown in the 85 hectare vineyard.

Tintilia is a black-skinned grape indigenous to Molise. It is grown in very small quantities. The wines tend to be rich, ruby red and full-bodied, with evident, yet soft, tannins.



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Data sheet

ProducerDi Majo Norante
ClassificationTintilia Del Molise D.O.P.
Wine styleDry red wine
BouquetThe nose opens with a rich bouquet, characterized by hints of plum, enriched with pleasant spicy nuances.
TasteIt's a full-bodied, soft and velvety, with a perfect blend of flavors of plum and undergrowth and hints of leather and liquorice.
Pairs withFor its structure, it accompanies rich dishes, especially white and red meats, game and aged cheeses. Serving temperature 16-18 °C.
Alcohol14% Vol.
Volume0,75 l.


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