Sfursat 5 Stelle Valtellina DOCG - Nino Negri

Sfursat 5 Stelle Valtellina DOCG - The flagship wine from Nino Negri. A unique Nebbiolo red wine from Lombardia made from a selection of the best grapes and only produced in the best years.



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Data sheet

ProducerNino Negri
ClassificationValtellina DOCG
Wine styleDry red wine
Pairs withRed meat, game, tasty roasts or seasoned cheeses. Serve at 16-18 C.
Alcohol15,5% vol.
Volume0,75 l

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The nebbiolo grapes for the Sfursat 5 Stelle come from the vineyards on terraces well exposed to the south at an altitude of 400-450 metres on loose shallow sandy-loamy soils. The grapes were picked by hand in the most acclaimed parcels of Valtellina Superiore. After natural drying for 3 months they were vinified on their skins, with long maceration. Then ageing for 18 months in new French oak barriques followed by further ageing in the bottle for another 6 months. This results in a powerful wine with a long storage potential.

Colour: Deep ruby red.

Bouquet: Rich and highly complex aroma, with elegant sensations of plums preserved in spirits, and tobacco. It is redolent with spicy notes that disperse into hints of coffee.

Taste: The flavour is concentrated, vigorous, extraordinarily intense and pleasant, with an aristocratic undertone of ripe blackberries and spices. Its finish is full-bodied, rich and very persistent.

Longevity 20+ years.


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