Schietto Cabernet Sauvignon Sicilia I.G.P. - Dei Principi di Spadafora

The Schietto Cabernet Sauvignon from the renowned Sicilian wine producer Dei Principi di Spadafora is a full-body purple-red wine, fruity and distinct with a rich and incisive taste and firm well-balanced tannins.



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Data sheet

ProducerDei Principi di Spadafora
ClassificationTerre Siciliane I.G.P.
Wine styleDry red wine
GrapesCabernet Sauvignon
Maturation1 year in barrel and 18 months in bottles.
BouquetIntense, fruity and distinct.
TasteFull, round. Soft and well-presented soft tannins.
Pairs withRoast meat and matured cheese. Serving temperature 16-18 C
Alcohol14% vol.
Volume0,75 l

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The Cabernet Sauvignon vines for the Schietto red wine has an age of 22 years and grow in the sandy and clay vineyards of the Spadafora winery in contrada Virzì in Monreale to the southwest of Palermo in western Sicily. The grapes are grown at a height of 300 m above sea level and are subject to a temperature variation of 10-15°C between day and night which improves the acid-sugar balance in the grapes.

The grapes were manually harvested, carefully sorted, and destemmed. The must went through a spontaneous fermentation without sulfur dioxide in cement vats and with a temperature controlled maceration. The wine matured for one year in French oak barrels followed by 18 months in the bottles.

Longevity 5-10 years.


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