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The Perricone red wine from the renowned Sicilian producer Cantine Fina is made from the indigenous Perricone grape. The vines grow in vineyards outside Marsala near the sea at an altitude of 250 m. The bouquet shows a fine spicy range, where juniper and black pepper are the main components. The taste stands out for its elegance, with a solid and soft tannic base and with good alcohol content.



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Data sheet

ProducerCantine Fina
ClassificationTerre Siciliane I.G.T.
Wine styleDry red wine
MaturationIn steel tanks followed by six months in the bottle.
Pairs withIt is particularly suitable with semi-aged cheeses, medium-structured sausages, baked pork, braised meats, roasted sauces and starters. Serving temperature 18-20 °C
Alcohol13% vol.
Volume0,75 l

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The Cantine Fina follows a tradition of winemaking that started thousands of years ago when the Greek and Phoenician settlements on the Sicilian west coast started the cultivation of grapes.

Perricone is a red grape variety that has its origins in western Sicily. The wines of Perricone in purity like this one are able to guarantee the elegance of the great nobles with quality rare and highly identifying the organoleptic characteristics of the territory of origin. The vines for this red wine grow in vineyards in the highlands outside Marsala near the sea on the west coast of Sicily. The vineyards therefore benefits from two climate related moderators - its altitude, where it can take advantage of the sea breezes and the significant temperature compensator, which is the sea itself.

The harvesting is done manually followed by careful sorting and destemming of the grapes. Fermentation is done on the skins in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. Maturation takes place in steel tanks followed by six months in the bottle.

Longevity 5-10 years.


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