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Etna Bianco DOC is a perfectly lovely wine from one of the most famous wine producers on Mount Etna.


Contessa Costanza Cerasuolo di Vittoria from renowned Sicilian winery Poggio Di Bortolone. A winery focused on producing high quality wines – this is a classic Cerasuolo rich in flavour combined with a fresh acidity. A lovely everyday wine. See the offer for 6 bottles.


Cerasuolo di Vittoria organic wine from sicilian top producer Cos is an elegant Cerasuolo expressing the artistic work this winery performs to produce excellent wines. This is an expressive medium body red wine with a pleasant freshness. See the offer for 6 bottles.


An excellent aromatic wine from the Cantina Fina located in the highlands near the west coast of Sicilia. The Kikè is mainly produced from Gewürztraminer (Traminer Aromatico) a variety of aromatic grape planted in Sicily only recently. It benefits from the varying climate near the sea giving the wine its characteristic aromatic taste. See the offer for 6...

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Maria Costanza Rosso from famous Sicilian wine producer Milazzo. This organic wine is the most intense expression of Milazzo’s way of producing the most well-known Sicilian varietal, Nero d’Avola, resulting in a potent and elegant red wine. See the offer for 6 bottles.


 The Amara from Rossa is a red Sicilian liquor made with the famous red oranges growing between Catania and the Etna vulcano. From the union of red orange peels and aromatic herbs comes a natural digestive herb liqueur, with great flavors and Mediterranean colours.

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The Amaro Della Compagnia from Sicilian winemaker Florio is a golden Sicilian herb liqueur made from a secret recipe including a blend of 13 ingredients among which herbs, roots, fruit peels from Sicilian oranges and spices.

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The base sparkling wine from Milazzo’s excellent selection of sparkling wines. Made from the rather unusual blend of chardonnay and inzolia grapes. See also: See the offer for 6 bottles.


Ben Ryè Passito di Pantelleria from the world famous Sicilian producer Donnafugata. A brilliant amber coloured wine with a unique personality. One of the most appreciated Italian sweet wines in the world produced on the small and very hot island of Pantelleria south of Sicily. An international icon of Italian excellence in the field of wine making

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Zighidì Passito di Pantelleria Liquoroso from the famous Sicilian wine producer Florio in Marsala. It is a fortified passito wine produced on the island of Pantelleria from grapes dried for days under the scorching sun. The essences of the aromas are concentrated within this wine. It has an ample bouquet and a full, soft and intensely aromatic flavour of...

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Duca Enrico from the famous Duca Di Salaparuta produced at their Suor Marchesa Winery in Butera near Caltanisetta. This iconic wine is made to produce a great Sicilian red wine that can stand alongside the highest quality wines in existence in the international wine-making industry.


Bianca di Valguarnera from the famous historical House of Duca di Salaparuta from the Risignolo Estate in Salemi near Trapani. A delicate white wine made solely from the indigenous Inzolia grape. The grapes were carefully selected from the best vineyards. The Bianca di Valguarnera is distinguished by the intense and complex scent, and conquers everyone by...

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