Panettone artigianale alle Mandorle - Fiasconaro

The hand crafted Panettone with almonds from famous Sicilian bakery Fiasconaro in Castelbuono in the Province of Palermo. A bakery specializing in handcrafted Sicilian baking products.



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Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas cake. This is made with ingredients selected exclusively from the Sicilian producers such as sugar, vanilla, citrus honey. This very special Sicilian version is with raisins covered with glaze and Sicilian almonds from Avola.

The panettone is made by a slow and gradual leavening, which naturally comes to fruition within thirty-six hours, guarantees quality and fragrance to baked goods, in full respect of local Madonite confectionery traditions, where the bakery is located.

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