Condimento Olive E Peperoncino - Romano Vincenzo

A seasoned olive oil based on extra virgin olive oil obtained by the simultaneous cold pressing of oil and chili. Made from olives grown high up on the slopes of Mount Etna, this oil is intense green with a fruity flavor, slightly bitter and quite spicy due to the chili.



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ProducerVincenzo Romano
ClassificationOlio Aromatizzato
Volume0,25 l.
IngredientsOlives 80% and 20% fresh chili.

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The Romano family took over their first oil mill in Bronte on the western side of Etna in 1959. Thanks to a strong passion for oil, today's management, now in its third generation, represents a leading reality in the Sicilian artisanal oil sector. With a strong propensity for innovation and a precise production philosophy they promote the most suitable olive growing areas between the slopes of Etna and the Simeto valley, and favoring the finest native varieties and the national varieties best adapted to the territory, enhancing raw materials with a careful selection of olives and constant care of the work in the mill, in the phases of extraction, storage and bottling. These are the elements at the base of the long and exciting journey undertaken by the Romano family towards quality in order to produce oils worthy of representing the best Sicilian olive oil culture.

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