Cioccolata Modicana al "Peperoncino" - Laboratorio Don Puglisi

Chocolate from Modica is very famous in Italy and a real Sicilian specialty. The artisanal confectionery workshop "Casa don Puglisi" has begun the production of Modica chilli pepper chocolate, with ingredients from fair trade cooperatives, from pre-Columbian Mexico to Modica.



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IngredientsCocoa 50% minimum - cocoa paste, refined cane sugar, chilli pepper.
Format100 gr.

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Modica chocolate is a mythical black shiny paste of chocolate made from pure bitter cocoa and top quality cane sugar, variously flavored, smoothed by a long beating and distinguished by the taste of the contrast between the intensity and the scent of the cocoa bean and the sugary crystal, kept intact in the typical light grain of the dough.

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