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Rossomandorla from Cantina Martinez is a unique red Sicilian fortified wine flavored with bitter almond aroma.

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Ra'is is a very concentrated sweet Moscato wine from Baglio di Pianetto, produced with grapes grown in the Val di Noto in Sicily. It is craftsmanship at its best with all processes done manually. A wine that expresses the colors and scents of Sicily.

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The Passito di Planeta is an expression of Planeta's commitment to produce modern wines that reflect the unique character of Sicilian territory. An ancient wine that becomes current with modern methods for drying and processing well ripened grapes.

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Unique and elegant sweet wine, the Malvasia delle Lipari Passito Selection from Carlo Hauner is the result of careful sorting of the best grapes. A wine to keep aside for the most special occasions. It will certainly be worth the effort!

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Bukkuram Sole d' Agosto from famous Sicilian producer Marco De Bartoli. A moscato passito sweet wine from the volcanic island of Pantelleria, which has awaken from a long hibernation the interest for a dessert wine that even Greek mythology counts among its legends.

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Zighidì Passito di Pantelleria Liquoroso from the famous Sicilian wine producer Florio in Marsala. It is a fortified passito wine produced on the island of Pantelleria from grapes dried for days under the scorching sun. The essences of the aromas are concentrated within this wine. It has an ample bouquet and a full, soft and intensely aromatic flavour of...

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Moscato Liquoroso Pantelleria DOP from the Duca Castelmonte line of the famous Pellegrino House in Marsala, Sicily. One of the most appreciated Italian sweet wines made from Zibibbo grapes grown on the small and very hot island of Pantelleria to the south of Sicily.

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Kabir Moscato di Pantelleria from the world famous Sicilian producer Donnafugata. This wine is the little sister of the famous Ben Rye sweet wine. Kabir is a very pleasant naturally sweet wine produced on the very hot island of Pantelleria. It is characterized by a rich and fragrant bouquet of classic flowery and fruity scents combined with fresh notes of...

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BiancoMandorla from Martinez in Marsala in western Sicily, a golden yellow Sicilian liqueur wine specialty to be enjoyed with fruit and biscuits or on its own. Produced from Inzolia grapes coming from the Marsalla area and Sicilian almond flavor.

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Barolo Chinato from the well-known Barolo producer Gianni Gagliardo. A unique aromatised sweet red wine made from Barolo wine infused with aromas according to the producers secret recipie. In order to reach a harmonic taste, sugar and alcohol are added to the wine.

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Ben Ryè Passito di Pantelleria from the world famous Sicilian producer Donnafugata. A brilliant amber coloured wine with a unique personality. One of the most appreciated Italian sweet wines in the world produced on the small and very hot island of Pantelleria south of Sicily. An international icon of Italian excellence in the field of wine making

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Malvasia Vino Liquoroso from the recognized producer Martinez located in the famous wine city Marsala on the west coast of Sicily is a light and fine golden yellow liqueur wine for desserts that represents all the sweet tastes of Sicily. Lovely and lively.

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