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The Taif is produced from the zibbibo grape also known as "Moscato d'Alessandria". Historically, zibibbo has been used to produce sweet wines, yet its grapes fit perfectly to the production of delicious dry white wines, an example is the round, mineral and fresh Taif wine.

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ProducerCantine Fina
ClassificationI.G.P Terre Siciliane
Wine styleDry White wine
Pairs withWith seafood and crustaceans, seafood dishes, omelette, risotto with herbs and asparagus. Also with white meats, such as scaloppina, and herbal aromatized cheeses. Serve at 12-15 C.
Alcohol12,5 % vol.
Volume6 x 0,75 l

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The Cantine Fina follows a tradition of winemaking that started thousands of years ago when the Greek and Phoenician settlements on the Sicilian west coast started the cultivation of grapes. The winery is located on a ridge on the west coast near the Mediterrenean Sea. The vineyards benefit from the temperature variations near the sea with cool breezes supporting the acidity of the wines.

Colour: Straw-yellow wine with light green shades.

Bouquet: Great aromatic bouquet ranging from fruity scents of peach and mandarin to herbal hints of sage, finishing with floral notes of rose and wisteria.

Flavour: In the mouth it has initially a hot note which right away is balaced by the fresh and pleasant acidity. Persistent floral finish.

Longevity 3-5 years.


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