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The Resilience Caterratto is a fine white wine from Sicily’s largest cooperative Colomba Bianca - an elegant straw yellow young wine produced in the Val di Mazara valley. It is a fresh wine with floral notes and an unmistakable catarratto bite with a marked sapidity and balanced acidity.

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ProducerColomba Bianca
ClassificationSicilia D.O.C.
Wine styleDry white wine
MaturationIn stainless steel tanks for 5 months with frequent batonnage.
BouquetFloral notes that range from jasmine, orange blossom and elder flower with fruity tones of grapefruit and melon.
TasteUnmistakable catarratto bite with a marked sapidity and balanced acidity that respects the territory.
Pairs withPairs well with delicate light and tasteful dishes. Serving temperature 8-10°C
Alcohol12,5% vol.
Volume6 x 0,75 l

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The Colomba Bianca winery was founded in 1970. During the last 10 years it has become one of the biggest wine growing co-operative in Sicily operating 6 wineries and count on circa 2480 partners and extends along 7500 hectars of vineyards between the provinces of Trapani, Palermo, Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Ragusa. The vineyards can be found in areas which benefit of a vast pedoclimatic diversity, from the low coastal areas up to an altitude of 600 metres above sea level.

The Caterratto wines vines for Resilience Caterratto wine grow in the calcareous vineyards of the Colomba Bianca cooperative in Western Sicily at altitudes from 400 to 600 m.

The grapes were hand-picked and carefully sorted. The grapes were vinified at the cooperative’s Vita winery outside Trapani, where they were processed quickly to maintain the unique characteristics of these grapes, respecting their territorial origin. The grapes were pressed softly to maximize the scents and natural acidity of the must. Following the static separation of the skins the must was cooled to 12°C for 24 hours in order to clarity the must before the fermentation, which took place in stainless steel tanks. Refinement of the wine took place in the tanks for 5 months with frequent batonnage to maintain the noble lees in suspension and limit the use of sulphites.

Longevity 3-5 years


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