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Baglio Florio Marsala Vergine from the famous Sicilian winery Florio in Marsala is an elegant Marsala whose amber liquid contains all the intensity and freshness of the Grillo grapes, fortified and rendered harmonious by ten years of ageing in oak barrels. It has an intense bouquet with slight hints of vanilla and toasted hazelnuts. The taste is dry and smooth with hints of liquorice and almonds.



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ProducerCantine Florio
ClassificationMarsala Vergine D.O.C.
Wine styleDry liqueur wine
MaturationMore than 10 years in oak barriques followed by at least one year in bottle.
BouquetIntense and airy, extremely fine, with slight hints of vanilla, burnt honey and toasted hazelnuts.
TasteDry and smooth with hints of liquorice and almonds blended in a delicate and harmonious note of vanilla
Pairs withExcellent aperitif, with appetizers of smoked fish or withmedium-aged cheeses, like taleggio. Great, intense and extraordinarily persistent meditation wine. Serve at 8-10 C.
Alcohol19% vol.
Volume0,50 l.

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In 1832 Vincenzo Florio acquired land on a strip of beach situated between the wineries of Ingham and Woodhouse outside the town of Marsala in Sicily. He built the Florio winery in a typical Anglo-Saxon style of the times complete with lancet arches and floors of pressed tuff powder. The building inspired great admiration and improved the industrial nature of the city of Marsala helping it develop into one of Sicily’s richest business centers.

A Virgin Marsala wine is obtained from a traditional wine fermentation followed by aging for at least 5 years in wooden barrels after adding ethanol of enological origin and / or wine brandy.

The term soleras is borrowed from the aging technique of the same name: the aging of the soleras virgin marsala is of the ordinary type in wooden barrels.

At the time of marketing, Virgin Marsala must have the following characteristics:

-          Alcohol content not less than 18%.

-          Less than 4% natural sugar.


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