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The Selezione di Famiglia Bianco is an organic single vineyard wine, made from a particular selection of chardonnay and inzolia grapes cultivated in the Milici area in western Sicily. The production yield is kept low at 34 hectolitres per hectare to achieve the best quality wine.

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The Camelot is a Bordeaux style wine from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. It has become a “cult” wine; an extraordinary Sicilian interpretation of the famous french Bordeaux blend.

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A great well aged Sicilian redwine from Feudo Principi di Butera. The wine is soft, elegant and well structured. Drinkable now but can still develop in the large bottle.

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La Vita Lucente from Luce della Vite Winery, part of the Frescobaldi House in Tuscany. This is the Second Wine from this top producer in Montalcino - a wine with a contemporary flair, reflective of its distinctive terroir.

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Alma Gran Cuvée Bellavista is a point of excellence for Franciacorta. It symbolises, in terms of quality and type, the most mysterious soul of the land of Franciacorta, and the wine-making style of Bellavista.

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A mature and well-aged big and bold Chardonnay wine from the famous Planeta winery. The wine which has become an image of the change in Sicilian wine production.

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Mille e una Notte from Donnafugata  is a red wine icon of Italian excellence in the world produced in the heart of Western Sicily. An exclusive and memorable drinking experience.

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Kaid Syrah from the recognized Sicilian producer Alessandro Di Camporeale. An excellent organic wine, very pleasing to the palate, powerful and complex - a wine which unites exuberance, silkiness and exceptional intensity. Made from the Syrah grape considered the most “Sicilian” among the international vine varieties.

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Saint Germain is Firriato’s elegant brut sparkling wine, produced from a blend of the native white grape vine varieties Catarratto and Grillo. Freshness and minerality seamlessly unite thanks to the sparkling process using the Charmat method, which enhances the aromatic and fragrant properties of the two varietals, giving a vivacious and extremely...

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Maria Costanza Rosso from famous Sicilian wine producer Milazzo. This organic wine is the most intense expression of Milazzo’s way of producing the most well-known Sicilian varietal, Nero d’Avola, resulting in a potent and elegant red wine.

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The Maria Costanza Bianco represents a milestone in the history of Sicilian viticulture. Milazzo winery was the first to create the blend of Inzolia and Chardonnay which gave life to this very elegant white wine.

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Terre Della Baronia Rosso is a fine organic Sicilian red wine revealing unique flavours from one of Sicily’s best producers. Deep red colour with purple hints, a wine rich on the nose, and wide and very warm on the palate.

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