Amaro Della Compagnia - Florio

The Amaro Della Compagnia from Sicilian winemaker Florio is a golden Sicilian herb liqueur made from a secret recipe including a blend of 13 ingredients among which herbs, roots, fruit peels from Sicilian oranges and spices.



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Data sheet

Bouquet Caratteristico profumo di scorza d'arancia amara.
Pairs withPerfect to conclude an excellent meal or for a pleasant moment of relaxation
Alcohol32% vol.
Volume0,7 l

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This is a Sicilian herb liqueur with a long tradition and a marked character. Its name comes from the fact that it was reserved for the crews of the Florio shipping company, who in the 19th century sailed along transoceanic routes.

After wood ageing for at least 18 months, the liqueur is bottled. It is a natural digestive, with a unique and strong taste, golden and crystal clear. It shows every bit an instant sweetness and is marked by its typical aromatic character with strong scents of Seville orange peels. It has a great drinkability.


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