Amaro di carciofino selvatico dell'Etna - Amacardo Sicily

The Amaro di Carciofino Selvatico Dell’ Etna from Amacardo Sicily is an amber bitter-sweet Sicilian natural Amaro made from wild artichokes harvested on the eastern slopes of the Etna volcano. An amaro that will surprise with its flavoursome sweetness. The liquor with intense emotions of Sicily itself.



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Data sheet

ProducerAmacardo Sicily
Wine styleHerb Liqueuer
BouquetAromatic, full, intense
TasteSweetish, enveloping, persistent
Alcohol30% vol.
Volume0,5 l
IngredientsAlcohol in watersolution, sugar, infused cardoon (Cynara Cardunculus Silvestris), natural aromas.

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The Amaro di Carciofino Selvatico Dell’Etna from Amacardo Sicily is produced in Santa Venerina on the eastcoast of Sicily at the foot of Mount Etna in Sicily’s oldest distillery.

The wild artichoke or “cardoon” (Cynara Cardunculus Sylvestris) also referred to as the “artichoke of Etna” grows on its own in hilly areas in the volcanic soil. It is recognized for its extraordinary health virtues being rich in antioxidants, substances to keep the intestinal flora in equilibrium and is naturally purifying. For over half of the last century and appreciated since ancient times, the wild artichoke continues to be a presence on the tables of southern Italians, and to this day, it is considered a delicacy in Mediterranean cuisine.

Following the harvest the aromas were extracted naturally from the plants and blended with the other ingredients to make the final amaro herb liqueuer.

To be served ice cold.

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