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Absolut Vodka - Country of Sweden

Bold, original, creative. Absolut Vodka launched in New York, 1979. The transparent and label-less bottle, inspired by an 18th Century medicine bottle, stood out from its tall, flashy, competitors. This was 1970s New York, after all. You had to be different to get noticed.



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ProducerV&S VIN & Spirit AB
RegionCountry of Sweden
Alcohol40% vol.
Volume1 l.

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Inspiration through collaboration.

It was something of a first when Absolut started collaborating with artists and thinkers. The first collaboration was in 1985 with Andy Warhol. The success of the ‘Absolut Warhol’ commission kick-started something of a relay race, with the Absolut baton being passed between some 550 artists since. There are over 850 pieces of Absolut art on display at the “Spritmuseum” in Stockholm.

Where other brands created loud, abrasive campaigns, Absolut stuck to the Scandinavian roots — cool, calm, collected. Visual and verbal puns combined with simple, striking imagery, always with the famous bottle’s silhouette somewhere in the ad. This came to be the longest running marketing campaign in advertising history.

Absolut Vodka is still a unique character, in both design and taste. Still ridiculously curious about creativity, collaborations and art. And still a key player for any social occasion. And since all vodka from Absolut is produced in Southern Sweden, the superb vodka tasted exactly the same then as it does now. Nothing has changed.

Mouthfeel is exceptionally smooth. Settling very peacefully it slowly descends in a harmonised way. The taste has slight hints of caramel and vanilla and the finish is fresh and fruity. Absolut Vodka is the true definition of balance and harmony.

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