Grappa di Malvasia delle Lipari - Az. Agr. Carlo Hauner

Unique, elegant and crystal clear Grappa di Malvasia delle Lipari from Carlo Hauner is the result of careful sorting of the best pomace from Malvasia grapes grown on the Eolian island of Lipari. A grappa so fragrant with the aromas of its grape that it seduces even the most discriminating consumers. 



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Data sheet

ProducerCarlo Hauner
GrapesFresh pomace from Malvasia grapes
BouquetFloral notes such as roses, iris, sambuco and dried lavender scents overlapped with fruity hints of papaya and dried raisin. Above all vanilla stands out.
TasteExcellent body, balanced, with a sip spicy taste and almonds.
Pairs withTo be sipped at the end of a lunch or dinner or at any time of the day, it is a source of real pleasure!
Alcohol43% vol.
Volume0,5 l

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Made from selected and destalked pomace, harvested fresh and soft, of Malvasia grapes. Fermented under vacuum, in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperature, immediately followed by distillation in order to avoid harmful secondary fermentation. The distillation takes place in artisanal batch distillation in exclusive copper steam stills with the elimination of heads and tails, which allows the selection of the purest part of the grappa - the core cut - to preserve the precious characteristics of the vine variety and thus obtain grappa of absolute quality.


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