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Grappa Cleopatra - Amarone Oro from the famous Poli Distillerie near Vicenza in Veneto. Made from marc from dried grapes used for the production of amarone wine. A grappa obtained by using a modern vacuum double boiler still and matured for a period in small barrels of French oak. It has a fine aroma with dry fruit, spices and lightly toasted fresh wood. The taste is intense, elegant and smooth.



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ProducerPoli Distillerie
Wine styleGrappa
GrapesMarc from Amarone grapes from Valpolicella of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara vines.
MaturationAged a period in small French oak barrels.
BouquetDry fruit, spices (vanilla and cocoa), lightly toasted fresh wood.
TasteSmooth, sincere, intense but elegant.
Pairs withServe on its own at a temperature of 18-20 °C.
Alcohol40% vol.
Volume0,7 l.

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Poli is an artisanal distillery founded in 1898 by Giobatta Poli. For over a century the Poli family has pursued a goal: to make people understand and appreciate the effort, the tenacity, but above all the love enclosed in a distillate, a complete love for one's art, for one's world, a love without which no result will ever be possible.

Cleopatra Oro is a series of Grappas obtained from very fresh marc, featuring a refinement and bouquet rarely found in a distillate. Refining in oak barrels completes the structure and enriches the aromatic profile.

Why Cleopatra? It is said, that the first still of the history was created by the Egyptian alchemist Cleopatra, who meant to use it to distill the most precious among metals, gold, and called it Crysopea (from Greek chrysos, gold and poirò, to make). After years of research at the Poli Distillery a new Crysopea was born again, the most innovative bain marie vacuum still in function, through which the precious Poli Moscato ORO has been distilled and kept in this bottle.


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